Our Partnership

Two Industry Giants Unite for Exceptional Eyewear Quality

Crafting Clarity Prescription Guide – Partnerships
World Renowned Eyewear Innovator

Essilor: Shaping the Future of Vision Care

Essilor, eyewear innovators for decades, globally trusted. Muunel partners with excellence.

  • 170+ years of optical expertise

  • Innovative lens technology

  • “Global eyewear presence

Our Collaborative Vision

Muunel and Essilor’s partnership is built on a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring our eyewear combines innovation and quality for your vision needs


Years with decade of trust


Customer Satisfaction


Countries worldwide reach

Shared Vision

Both Muunel and Essilor share a common vision: to provide the best in eyewear solutions, setting new industry standards.

Innovative Integration

Essilor’s cutting-edge technologies seamlessly merge with Muunel’s design, delivering eyewear that exceeds expectations.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our partnership focuses on enhancing customer experiences offering superior products with a customer-first mentality.

Unlocking the Advantages

Muunel Eyewear with Essilor Technology

Muunel Eyewear, in collaboration with Essilor, ensures you receive unmatched visual clarity, eye protection, and style. Explore the benefits of our advanced eyewear solutions below


Styles fashion-forward


Satisfied customers
Crafting Clarity Prescription Guide – Partnerships


Years of Reliability and Quality


Our Frames’ Satisfaction Rate
Crafting Clarity Prescription Guide – Partnerships
Ensuring Unparalleled Quality

Rigorous Testing and Standards

At Muunel, quality is paramount. Essilor tech passes rigorous tests, ensuring exceptional eyewear.

  • Precision Lens Crafting

  • Impact and Durability Testing

  • Quality Control Certification