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Elevating Fashion and Vision for 40 Years

Eye Health Protection

40 Years of Visionary Expertise in Eyewear Innovative

Visionary Beginnings, Contemporary Excellence

Muunel’s journey began over four decades ago, fueled by a commitment to redefine the eyewear industry. Today, we continue to pioneer innovative solutions, setting new standards in vision enhancement.

  • Pioneering Innovative Eyewear Solutions

  • Setting New Standards in Vision Enhancement

  • Crafting Quality, Frame by Frame

Principles that Guide Us

At Muunel, our commitment is built on key principles:


Exceed expectations with exceptional craftsmanship, using only the finest materials.


Utilizing technology and precision for crystal-clear vision.


Our designs merge timeless elegance with modern trends.


From blue light to transitions, prioritizing eye health.

Eye Health

Upholding top-tier craftsmanship and materials, exceeding expectations.


Woven into our ethos, driving eco-friendly eyewear innovations.

Guiding Principles that Shape Our Vision

Our Commitment to Clarity, Style, and Eye Health

Our dedication to clarity, style, and eye health goes beyond promises; it’s our commitment. Our frames are designed for durability and comfort, ensuring they last and satisfy your style.


Years of Reliability and Quality


Our Frames’ Satisfaction Rate

Fashion Eyewear by muunel


Years of Reliability and Quality


Our Frames’ Satisfaction Rate
Eyewear Innovative Empowerment
Empowering Vision Together

Fashion Eyewear & Quality Craftsmanship Partnerships

With a legacy spanning over 170 years, Essilor® is a key collaborator, pioneering cutting-edge lenses to meet contemporary eyewear needs. This partnership ensures excellence in both Fashion Eyewear and Quality Craftsmanship. Muunel’s commitment to Eye Health Protection is underscored by collaborative ventures with industry leaders, exemplified by our partnerships with visionaries in lens technology and innovation.

  • Fostering Innovation with Industry Pioneers

  • Innovation at the Core with Strategic Partnerships

  • Fostering Collaborative Excellence to Drive Visionary Progress

Dedication to Community Involvement

Empowering Change Through Visionary Commitment

Sustainable Practices for a Greener World

Promoting eco-friendly initiatives to create a sustainable, greener future for all.

Supporting Eye Health Protection

We provide eyeglasses and screenings to help people of all ages see clearly.

Innovative Eyewear Empowerment

Sponsor programs for optometrists and eyewear designers.

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