Eyewear A To Z



To ensure your glasses are in the best shape, we have accessories for any kind of scenario. If you have prescription glasses, sunglasses, or simple glasses, we have got everything that you need to keep your pair of glasses safe and clean.


Acetate, or more commonly known as cellulose acetate, is one of the finest kinds of plastic. It is our signature material for glasses. It is more durable and has the ability to obtain different colors, which makes it a perfect material for eyeglasses.


It is often written on eyeglass prescriptions, and it represents the added magnification power to your eyeglasses.


Amblyopia is referred to as the inability of your eyes to see clearly. This condition is usually developed in childhood when the nerve going from your brain to eye does not develop normally. As a result, your eye does not learn to see normally.

Anti-reflective coating

At Munnel.com, we use a special anti-reflective coating on our lenses. We use super-hydrophobic treatment, especially for those people that frequently use electronic devices. This coating also makes your lenses always look cool and clean.


The arm is also known as the temple and is the main component responsible for running alongside your head and holding your glasses in their place.


It is an eye condition that causes blurry vision. If it is left uncorrected, it can cause headaches also. It prevents you from seeing the clear sharpness of objects. This condition can be corrected by using a suitable pair of glasses.


Base Curve In Contacts

The base curve is often written on the contact lens prescriptions. It helps the lenses to fit properly, and the measurements are between 8 to 10.

Blue Light Lenses

Blue light is harmful to our eyes. Sun is the main source of blue light, but it is also present in all electronic devices around us, such as computers, LEDs, mobile phones, etc.  We have special blue light filtering lenses and glasses that can help you to block blue light and protect your eyes from the adverse effects of blue light.


Color Blindness

People suffering from color blindness perceive colors differently from a normal individual. It is very common in many people, and the degree of color blindness could be anywhere between mild to severe. People suffering from mild color blindness don’t even know that they have it. People that suffer from severe color blindness can only see black and white colors. It affects men more than women. According to some stats, 8% of men from the total population suffer from color blindness, where only 0.5 % of women are affected by it. 


It is often written on eyeglass prescriptions as CYL. It represents the power of the lens that is needed to correct astigmatism.



Dioptre is a unit of measurement. It is used to measure the refractive power of a lens. In simple words, you can say that it is used to measure optical power.


You often find the diameter measurements written on your contact lens prescriptions. It is just the width of contact lenses in millimeters.


Sometimes eye care professionals use special drops to dilate your pupils so that they can have a better look at your retina. It simply means that your pupils are widened for a better eye examination. It has a temporary drawback in which you won’t be able to see things clearly after dilation for a few hours until your pupils return to their normal condition.


Expiration Date

Your eyes also become older as you age. It means that your prescription will also expire with the change in your eyes. It is important to keep your prescription up to date.

Extended Sizes

After years of research and testing, we have finally created new extended sizes for frames. It means that now there will be more fits in your sizes.


When you use do intense use of your eyes like sitting in front of a computer or driving for long intervals, then your eyes get tired. This condition is commonly known as eyestrain. If you are continuously suffering from eyestrain, it is recommended to get your eyes and vision checked. You may be prescribed to wear glasses to reduce eye strain. At Muunel.com, we pay special attention to our lens technology that significantly helps you eliminate eyestrain.



If you are suffering from farsightedness, you won’t see near objects clearly, but the distant objects will be visible to you. Hyperopia is the medical term used for this condition.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A flexible spending account or FSA is a saving program that allows you to set aside your pre-tax money to cover your health expenses. Eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and much more are covered in these expenses. 



Well, if you take a look at our website www.Munnel.com, you will find that it is all about glasses.


Health Spending Account HSA

Just like FSA, HSA also helps you to set aside health care expenses, including prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, contacts, etc. Unlike FSA, it never expires.

High-index lenses

High index lenses are a term used for thin plastic lenses that are considered suitable for some higher prescriptions. These lenses are only recommended for adults that are 16+.


The word hydrophobic is used to represent something that does not like water. At Munnel.com, we use special hydrophobic coatings on our lenses, making them water repellent and preventing moisture.


It is a medical term used for farsightedness.



Insurance is a great way to cover the expenses of your prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.



This is what you will do when you wear the first pair of your glasses from Munnel.com.


Keyhole Bridge

A keyhole bridge has a vintage look, and it very much looks like a simplified keyhole.


Light-responsive lenses

Light responsive lenses are special kinds of lenses that get darken when exposed to direct or indirect light. They fade back and become clear as soon as you get back indoors. At Munnel.com, you can find a wide range of light-responsive lenses.


Mixed Material

You can find a wide range of mixed material glasses on our website. Our frames include densely-hued acetate and metal flourishes. There is plenty to choose from. 


Monovision is often prescribed in contact lenses. By using monovision, you can use one lens for distance and one lens for far vision.


Myopia is a medical term used for nearsightedness.


Nose Bridge

The nose bridge is used to represent the slope of the nose between your eyes. 

Nose Pads

Nose pads are the twin pads that are used to rest the frame on your face and ensure that it is a perfect fit. 


If you suffer from nearsightedness, you won’t be able to see distant objects clearly.



O.D. stands for Oculus dexter. The word often appears on your prescription, and in Latin, it means right eye.


An optician is an eye care professional specialized to fit, dispense, and interpret prescription eyewear. They are not responsible for providing you with a prescription, but they will ensure that everything is up to date and intact if you have a prescription.


An optometrist is a person who gives you a prescription for glasses and contact lenses. They can also diagnose eye-related problems and prescribe some medicines.


It is the abbreviation of Oculus Sinister. In Latin, it means the left eye. It is often written on your prescription.



A phoropter is an instrument used by doctors for refraction during the eye examination. 


A lens without a prescription is known as Plano.


Polycarbonate is a tough and transparent plastic with an exceptional ability to impact resistance. You will find a wide range of polycarbonate glasses at Munnel.com


P.D. stands for pupillary distance. It is the distance between your pupils. It helps you in aligning your lenses to fit the frames you choose. Your pupillary distance can be measured in many ways. There is a device used for this purpose, known as the pupillometer.


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses that are used to correct multiple eye-related problems in a single lens. It means that you can correct your whole field of vision without the need to change glasses frequently.



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Refraction is the bending of any wave of light as it passes from one medium to another. Refraction is used to represent your refractive error.


The retina is the light-sensing tissue in your eyes. To make things easier for you, think of your eye as a camera and retina as its photographic film.


Segment height

When you need to create super accurate progressive lenses, you need to use segment height. The vertical measurements in millimeters tell the lab where to start progression.

Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses are used to correct one field vision. It means that you can only correct a single eye-related problem using single vision lenses.


It is a single piece of information that appears on your prescription.



Temple is also known as the arm. It is the part of your frame that runs alongside your head and holds your glasses firmly at their place.


Titanium is a strong and durable metal. We use titanium to make our glasses to prove them extra durability and firmness.


Ultraviolet Light

We are surrounded by ultraviolet light. Sun is the main source or U.V. light, but it is also emitted from several electronic devices that we use, such as computers, televisions, LEDs, and other electronics.


Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is used to determine how well you can see. You may have heard terms like 20/20 vision or 20/15 vision, etc. If your vision is 20/20, then it is considered a normal vision. If your vision is 15/20, it means that you can see an object from 15 feet, which normal people can see from 20 feet.

Visual Field

The term visual field is used to represent the area that you can see when your eyes are in a fixed position.


Wind Shields

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything currently that starts with W.


X-Ray Glasses

X-ray glasses are considered to be future of the eyewear. But currently, there doesn’t exist anything like that.