Are computer reading glasses a solution for the long term?

| 10.05.2021

Computers and many other electronic displays are becoming an integral part of our daily professional and private lives. Today, they play a dominant role in almost all trades and professions. Many people are not yet aware of the stress and stress of their eyes. Learn more about what makes a computer or office glasses so unique and how they can help make your computer work for a longer time.

In this short guide we will give you tips on what to look for when buying a pair of computer glasses.

1. How can you find out if you need computer glasses?

Typically, the first symptom of eye strain caused by computer work is not blurred vision but eye fatigue, headache, neck or back pain, or sensitivity to light. Your eyes may be dry or red, and you may experience a burning or stinging sensation. This issue results from focusing on the computer screen for long periods, possibly in an unnatural position.

A visit to your optician and an eye exam will show you need special glasses for computer use.

2. Who is most affected by visual problems at work?

From a certain age, usually between 35 and 45 years, the ability of the lens in our eyes to adapt to different distances – or accommodation as experts call it – decreases. This issue is often a gradual process.

We begin to notice it when we have to keep a newspaper or other prints at a distance to read them. This condition is known as presbyopia. Initially, many people choose reading glasses as a remedy for this problem.

Working in front of the computer also becomes very tiring. Suddenly, we realize that it is difficult for us to decipher the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, and we have to increase the font size on the computer.

The text on your smartphone becomes blurry and challenging to read. The result: we reach for our reading glasses.

3. What types of computer glasses are available?

The most crucial requirement that computer glasses must meet is perfecting the exact distance needed to work in front of the screen or display. This distance can differ considerably from person to person.

Reading glasses

Initially, a pair of reading glasses might seem like a good solution. To see the text and images clearly on your computer, you need to zoom in on the screen. By doing this, you will inevitably take an awkward and incorrect position. This position can lead to tension in the neck and back. Not even the most ergonomic office chair or the best mouse available will be able to help you.

Varifocal glasses

The next step could be the varifocal glasses that you can wear all day for a clear and comfortable view at close range and distance. They are a perfect choice for most situations encountered in everyday life, but they are suitable for office or computer work only for a minimal time. Progressive lenses allow you to see yourself at all distances.

The bottom of the progressive lenses helps you see nearby objects. And when working in front of a screen, look through the bottom section of the lens. To do this, you need to raise your head so that you can see clearly. By adopting this unnatural position for long periods, you subject your neck and shoulders to excessive stress.

Computer glasses

For this reason, computer glasses are the perfect solution. Their areas of vision are precisely adapted to the movements of your eyes when working. Producers of glasses can also customize them to meet your requirements. These glasses offer a wide field of view at close range and semi-distance (between half a meter and four meters). This matter means that you can enjoy an optimal view in the area of theory specific to your work. The head and neck will maintain a natural and relaxed position throughout the day.

And that’s not all! There are many different models to choose from, depending on your profession’s requirements, visuals, or leisure activities.

Another critical factor is that you should regularly wear computer glasses from day one so that the eyes and the brain have time to adjust. After that, nothing can stop you from enjoying a better view at work and home.

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