| 30.12.2020

What Are Glasses With Blue Light Filter?

  • | 30.12.2020

    What Are Glasses With Blue Light Filter?

    Blue-light filter glasses block blue light emitted from sunlight and electronic devices. In this digital age, we all are stuck between the electronic devices spending almost nine hours of a day in front of them. Blue light emits a higher amount of energy that is sensitive to our eyes. It is virulent to the retina […]

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  • | 27.12.2020

    How does blue light affect sleep?

    Is it hard for you to fall asleep at night, or are you sleepy in the morning? Blame it on the blue light color on mobile, computer and television screens.

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  • | 23.12.2020

    What are the dangers of computer screens for your eyes, and how to avoid them?

    Work and study force us to spend long hours in front of the computer. Its use can cause injuries that are not noticeable at first glance, but these are progressive and are the product of an abuse of time dedicated and little rest.   Although it is estimated that the radiation emitted by television is […]

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  • | 19.12.2020

    Can sunglasses provide blue light protection for your eyes?

    The answer is Yes. With the proliferation of electronic devices, we are exposed to the screens of our cell phones, computers all day. In the evening, we still spend time in front of the television. Unfortunately, all of these devices reflect blue light, which is not suitable for the body to function properly when exposed […]

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  • | 16.12.2020

    What is blue light, and how does it affect your health?

    How to keep your eyes healthy after hours on the computer?   Back to school is here, and many of you have also returned from vacation (sorry, I do not want to put my finger in the wound), which means that we put neurons and muscles back to work, and many of us, to eyes […]

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  • | 13.12.2020

    What are the best computer glasses?

    Finding the best product in that category is not easy, and that is why the Product Guides team has done both product tests and research to help you choose the best option. If you buy something behind the links in our content, we receive a commission.   With the evolution of humanity, new techniques have […]

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  • | 10.12.2020

    How Do You Know If Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

      Do you own blue light blocking glasses, also called gaming glasses, and are wondering if they work?   Eyeglass manufacturers usually advertise numbers to indicate the percentage of blue light blocked by their glasses. Typically, they block between 30% and 90% of blue light. You will see below a very simple test to check […]

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  • | 09.12.2020

    High Definition Eyeglass Lenses Problems You Should Know

    Many people do not feel satisfied with their vision even with prescription glasses. That is because vision is an extremely complex process and there could be other problems affecting it like a higher-order aberration.   HD Eyeglasses Lenses are designed to cater to these patients but like any product, they have their benefits and flaws. […]

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  • | 06.12.2020

    What are anti-fatigue lenses?

    Anti-fatigue lenses, also known as AF lenses, are a specialized type of lens that has a progressive shift to help in near vision towards the bottom.

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  • | 21.11.2020

    What are the Best Frames for Thick Lenses

    The thing with strong prescriptions is that you need a strong lens to go with them. And not every frame style can hold a thick lens.    That is why it is important to know what kind of frame is best suited to thick lenses and what are the best frames for high prescription glasses. […]

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