Blue Light Response – Our Story

In 2019, co-founders created Muunel based on a partnership. One co-founder had in-depth experience with an optical design that translated into blue light special lenses. Muunel’s other co-founder works as a programmer and therefore spends 8 hours in front of the screen.

The combination of partners created a product that reaches clients who need blue light lenses to mitigate the harmful effects of blue life for those who spend several hours in front of blue light/computer monitors.

Blue light harms many people. Most spend 11 hours or more in front of a monitor, whether it’s watching, reading, or listening to digital media. 

Muunel’s co-founders worked seamlessly to create lenses that mitigate the harm caused by blue lights. The Muunel lenses help clients mitigate the effects of blue light, creating an offering that reduces blue light exposure to help you combat the effects of blue light. With Muunel, you get a lens built on a passionate and knowledgeable response to the effects of blue light on your vision.

How it started

For over two years, the co-founders of Muunel worked diligently to create the best lens that combats blue light. They created a lens that surpassed other retail offerings, eye examination, and design special lenses. Still, more importantly, the design that specializes in the current field of digital expertise. Muunel provides you with the quality glasses you want with the functionality and style of technical glasses.


Our Values

Don’t give up on your favorite activities; Muunel doesn’t either. We work hard to create the best pair of glasses that perfectly match your style and needs. Muunel lenses give you the best possible visual experience while at the same time protecting you. When you choose Muunel, you select the highest quality lenses and the most stylish frames.

We have combined blue light lenses and blue light technology to create lenses that can help you live a healthy life in front of monitors. Rely on Muunel professional lenses if you want to see more, do more, achieve more than you could not succeed without these unique lenses. When you choose Muunel lenses, you select the experience that puts you ahead of everyone for your vision.

How it started