How To Tell If My Lenses Have A Blue Light Protection

How To Tell If My Lenses Have A Blue Light Protection

Protecting yourself from the harmful effects of blue light when you have to look at a screen for a long time regularly has become a very important subject in all over the world. Many solutions have been developed, such as anti-blue light glasses. But how to distinguish whether it is a blue light protection lens?

Faced with a mobile phone or computer for a long time, many people are short-sighted and myopic. Many people use mobile phone screens that are anti-blue light, but the computer has no way, so many people want to go with a pair of Anti-Blue Ray Lenses.

In fact, the major problem is that man created the led screens and it is these which emit a lot of Blue light and which create two major problems:

  • During the day, the excess of blue light can eventually damage the retina of our eye, cause headaches, or irritation of our eyes.
  • At night, the excess of blue light prevents our body from manufacturing melatonin (sleep hormone), thus creating problems of falling asleep.

How to tell if your glasses have blue light protection:

You may be asking yourself the following questions: how to tell if my glasses have blue light protection? Are they fulfilling their role? Am I protecting well? Don’t worry, let’s take a look.

  • Efficiency depends on the filtered wavelength:

When you buy a pair of anti-blue light glasses, the first thing you need to check is the wavelength it is capable of filtering. Indeed, in the light spectrum emitted by a screen, each light radiation is associated with a wavelength, which makes it possible to distinguish it. Scientists explain that the shortest wavelengths are also the most harmful to our health, especially the retina of our eyes. Blue / purple light is precisely in the lower part of the light spectrum with a wavelength between 380nm and 460nm. Your pair of glasses should be able to filter at least a wavelength of 460nm and more if you are ever gaming.

  • Identify the level of protection you need:

As we have just seen, anti-blue light glasses must block a minimum wavelength to be effective. However, no need to have a pair that blocks the shortest wavelength possible! In fact, it will really depend on your daily activities. Some glasses have totally yellow lenses in order to reflect a large majority of blue light. This type of glasses is only necessary for gamers who have a very specific need, due to the enormous concentration that they impose on their eyes in front of a screen with moving images for long hours.

How to test anti-blue glasses?

If you are looking for an answer to your question such as: how to tell if your glasses have Blue Light Protection? Then no look further because you will find your answer here.

Step 1: Check whether the lens shows high-definition light yellow, high-quality anti-blue light glasses; there will be a light yellow, but it does not hinder the sight, and the light transmittance is high.

Step 2: Place the glasses in front of the display screen, or check under the LED light, whether blue light will be reflected on the lens surface, indicating that the blue light-proof glasses can block blue light.

Step 3: check the relevant specifications of the glasses and the relevant test reports of the lenses.

Step 4: You can buy an anti-blue light test card for testing. High-quality anti-blue light glasses will not transmit harmful blue light under the test pen.


Step 5: You can go to a professional optical shop for testing.


Knowing these tips for identifying Blue Light, you must not be casual when you choose anti-blue glasses. If you can’t live without your phone or computer, let the anti-blue light lenses help you! Reading this article, you found an answer to your questions: how to tell if blue light glasses work? And you also know how to test anti-blue lenses.

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