how to find out what prescription your glasses are

How to find out what Prescription your Glasses are?

Replacing a pair of glasses can be an incredibly hectic task. You have to visit the optometrist, get a prescription then go to a store to buy the glasses and then wait a few days for them to be ready. 


The alternative to that is online shopping but that requires you to have an existing prescription with you. This is where many people get confused and never get comfortable with buying prescription glasses online.

how to find out what prescription your glasses are


This is because most people do not have the piece of paper with the prescription or they were never given that by the optician. 


Many people ask “Can I Find my Eye Prescription Online?” That is where GlassesUSA’s Prescription Scanner App comes handy. 


It can read the prescription on your glasses with tremendous accuracy making online glasses shopping easier.


The advantage that GlassesUSA gets from this application is that it makes buying prescription glasses a whole lot easier and with their vast collection of prescription glasses, makes it much more likely that that customer would not go anywhere and buy from them. You, of course, get your prescription right in the comfort of your home. A win, win situation!


It is FDA listed and patented technology and can be used as a decent estimate of your prescription. It does not replace a comprehensive eye exam but is a good tool to use for a close judgment.


How the Prescription Scanner App Works?

1.First and foremost you will need a laptop or desktop, a mobile phone, and a credit card (for calibration purposes).


2. Go to Here you can register yourself and link your phone with the computer through a QR code. The Credit Card here will be used to calibrate the size readings of the screen so that all readings have a reference point and are accurate. You just place the credit card on the dotted lines and you should be good to go. 


3. Now for the most important step, hold your glasses between the phone and the laptop/monitor screen and follow the directions as the application takes various readings. Do not worry as the voice-prompted directions would be extremely clear and easy to follow. It may take 3-4 minutes but it is the longest step and in general, the whole process would be done in about 10 minutes. So be patient as the application completes the task.


4. Now the credit card will again be useful to measure your Pupillary Distance or PD. This metric is the distance between the pupils of both eyes and is necessary because it allows both your eyes to focus together and be in sync. You can also watch this useful video about the whole process. You can use this article to test if your blue light glasses work, another necessary detail that needs to be checked before buying prescription glasses in this digital age.

Where can it work?

It is necessary to keep in mind that this method only works when you have a single vision prescription ranging from -6 to +3 and -2.5 for cylindrical lenses. But for most people, their visual error is in this range and they can safely use this application to help them get their prescriptions online. 


Changing your prescription glasses can be a complicated process. Thankfully, GlassesUSA has made the whole process easier with their Prescription Scanner App that can find your prescription readings accurately at the comfort of your home. It works well in most readings but in case of any complicated pathology or bifocal lenses, you will still need a checkup.

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