FAQ Lenses

We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions about lenses. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us for further assistance.

There are several blue light filtering solutions, but they’re not all created equal. Generally, clear blue light filtering lenses use a blue light coating or what is known as a UV420 lens. Both these lenses filter blue light, particularly from 400-420nm or 420-460. However, Muunel uses special technology lenses that protect all blue light between 400-460nm, filters 50% of the entire range, and almost 100% of the most impactful wavelengths (380 – 440nm). Additionally, digital devices emit Blue Light in the most abundance at 455nm. Competitors filter ~2% at this nanometer, Muunel filters ~30%.

The reason we’re more effective is the way our proprietary lens filters Blue Light. We embed a naturally occurring blue light filtering ocular pigment into our lens. This makes it the perfect balance between a virtually clear and effective solution. It also has the added benefit of blocking UV rays as well! We also apply a premium AR coating to block ~100% of glare. Blue Light and glare are two massive reasons for Digital Eye Strain symptoms, including eye fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision.

We believe that Muunel lenses are the perfect balance between a virtually clear, beautiful lens and an effective Blue Light filtering solution. We did the research, so you don’t have to! Check out our lens technology pages for additional information.

All Muunel glasses come with HMC hard coating, Anti-Scratch Coating, and blue light Protection Coating that are both absolutely free.
We also offer Anti-Reflective (Anti-Glare) Coatings, which reduce reflection on the lenses and the glare you see while wearing your glasses.
Our anti-reflective coating options include standard, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and anti-fog.
Anti-reflective coating is applied to both sides of the lenses for the glasses.

You can also add prescription glasses by clicking on the “Select Lens” button.

All our lenses come with UV protection and scratch-resistant coating. There are other premium options that you can add depending upon your choice, like premium blue light coating, protection coating, transitions, etc.

The axis and cylinder represent astigmatism on your prescription. It means that the front of your eye has an irregular shape. Due to astigmatism, the light is not reflected on your retina properly, and you have blurry vision. It usually occurs with far or nearsightedness.

A diopter is a unit used to measure the strength of eyeglass lenses. The numbers under the OS and OD columns of your eyeglass prescription is measured in dioptres.