Lens Technology

Our eyes never evolved to stare at screens all day, so our Blue Light filtering lenses are only doing your eyes a favor and allowing for more comfortable and productive screen time. In fact, if you’re wearing non-magnified lenses, then you’re good to wear your Muunel both in and out of office settings!

However, if you decide on a prescription or reader lens, we recommend only using your glasses according to your needs, reading, or distance.

There are several blue light filtering solutions, but they’re not all created equal. Generally, clear blue light filtering lenses use a blue light coating or what is known as a UV420 lens. Both these lenses filter blue light, particularly from 400-420nm or 420-460. However, Muunel uses special technology lenses that protect all blue light between 400-460nm, filters 50% of the entire range, and almost 100% of the most impactful wavelengths (380 – 440nm). Additionally, digital devices emit Blue Light in the most abundance at 455nm. Competitors filter ~2% at this nanometer, Muunel filters ~30%.

The reason we’re more effective is the way our proprietary lens filters Blue Light. We embed a naturally occurring blue light filtering ocular pigment into our lens. This makes it the perfect balance between a virtually clear and effective solution. It also has the added benefit of blocking UV rays as well! We also apply a premium AR coating to block ~100% of glare. Blue Light and glare are two massive reasons for Digital Eye Strain symptoms, including eye fatigue, headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision.

We believe that Muunel lenses are the perfect balance between a virtually clear, beautiful lens and an effective Blue Light filtering solution. We did the research, so you don’t have to! Check out our lens technology pages for additional information.