| 03.10.2020

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  • | 21.11.2020

    What are the Best Frames for Thick Lenses

    The thing with strong prescriptions is that you need a strong lens to go with them. And not every frame style can hold a thick lens.    That is why it is important to know what kind of frame is best suited to thick lenses and what are the best frames for high prescription glasses. […]

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  • | 15.11.2020

    How to Pop Lenses Out of Glasses Without Breaking Them

    When you have no other choice but to remove the lenses from the frames of your glasses yourself, there is always the chance of damaging them.   But what if we told you that with some care and diligence, you can avoid that and remove your lenses unscathed.    To remove lenses safely from frames, […]

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  • | 08.11.2020

    What are High Index Lenses?

    The lenses of prescription glasses bend light in such a way that it focuses clearly on the retina.    But as time goes on and visual anomalies become more common, prescription strengths are increasing with each generation.   Conventional glasses for high prescriptions are bulky and look unsightly to many people. And no one wants […]

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