How To Use Blue Light Filter On Your PC Or Mac

| 29.05.2020


Doing work on your PC for an extended period, have you felt that your eyes are full of water? Or feeling irritation in your eyes?.

This is because your eyes get strained by continuously looking at the computer screen. If you are working on your PC day and night without taking a nap, it can also disrupt your regular body routine and sleep. For protecting your eyes from this serve damage, blue light filter are very important.

When you start using a blue light filter, you can work on your PC for an extended period without damaging your eyes. All PC and Mac have a built-in blue light filter for your use. They also provide a downloadable option if your PC doesn’t have this feature. This feature’s primary goal is to protect your eyes from eye strain or headaches. The updated version of PC’s and Mac called this feature Night light.

Before discussing how to use blue filter light, let me tell you why we install it in PCs.  Some people thought that why we use blue filter light? To protect our eyes, we can decrease the brightness or reduce the strain to protect eyes.

The answer is by decreasing brightness your screen still high enough to swell your eyes. There is a cell named Melanopsin beside rods and cones in our retina, blue light sensitive.

How To Use Blue Light Filter On PC Or Mac

Here we’ll discuss how to use the blue light filter in Window 10 and macOS. Recently Microsoft has added blue filter light. This new feature named as Night Light. This feature’s primary function is to show the warmer colours by reducing the amount of screen that emit harmful rays.

Following are the few and easy steps to turn on the Night light or Blue filter light  in your PC:

  • First of all, go to the Action Center(rectangular icon) located at the taskbar’s end. If you do not find that square icon, you can also go by pressing the WINDOW logo button +A. If you are doing this on a touchscreen device, then swipe from right to left at the edge of the screen.
  • On your PC, click on All Setting and then click on the System button and select the Display button. Night light or blue light filter can be toggled on and off.
  • To arrange the night light or blue light filter feature, click on the blue light filter setting. It will include the following arrangements.
  • It can turn on and off the blue light filter immediately.
  • Adjust the colour temperature, whether you want crisp colours or hot colours.
  • You can also set the schedule when you want to turn on and off the blue light filter.

If you set the schedule to turn on and off the blue light filter, you can use the following functions.

  • Set the blue light filter according to yourself. For instance, you can set on sunset and off at sunrise.
  • You can also set time according to you. Just click Set hours and choose the feature on the turn and off.

When you on the blue light filter, you see the colour shift immediately. After turn on the blue light, your eyes feel less intrusive.

Computer Screen


Apple also introduces this blue light filter. Just like Window, this feature is easy to use in apple.

Following are the steps to use blue filter light in MacOS.

  • First, open the System preference, select the Displays, and then click on the Night shift-tab.
  • In this page, you can arrange all the blue light filter according to you. You will have to set the preferences then it will work automatically.
  • You can also adjust the scheduling of on and off at sunrise and sunset.
  • Like Window, Apple also shows the colour scheme, whether you want to use warmer colours or colder colours.

Now we will discuss some of the free blue light filters for your PC

F.lux: It’s free for all Window and Apple computers. The most exciting feature of this tool is that it tracks the rays of sun in your area and then adjust your PC’s display according to temperature. You can also turn off this feature if you are editing photos or doing other stuff like this.

Iris mini: It is very light in weight. Iris mini has no option at all. It just merely adjust your monitor’s colouring to prevent your eyes from glare and harmful rays. 


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