| 24.05.2021

Myopia and reading: different types of reading glasses

  • | 24.05.2021

    Myopia and reading: different types of reading glasses

    Many people are beginning to experience visual discomfort with age. They think of buying reading glasses even if there are no significant changes in the optical system. The elderly notice that it is difficult for them to read because of presbyopia or wakefulness. What is age hyperopia? The lens of the eye ensures the clarity […]

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  • | 17.05.2021

    Amazing solutions and methods for enriching your eyesight

    Vision problems are pretty common these days and can occur due to numerous factors. The foods you eat have a significant effect on eye health, which means that some foods have the power to restore your eyesight. Choose a plant-based diet to get all the vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids you need. Restoring and maintaining a […]

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  • | 10.05.2021

    Are computer reading glasses a solution for the long term?

    Computers and many other electronic displays are becoming an integral part of our daily professional and private lives. Today, they play a dominant role in almost all trades and professions. Many people are not yet aware of the stress and stress of their eyes. Learn more about what makes a computer or office glasses so […]

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  • | 05.05.2021

    The difference between eyeglasses and reading glasses

    Did you know that experts call glasses “normal” distance glasses? Together with reading glasses, they are the most common solution for improving eyesight. But why are these monofocal glasses so special? And what else can a good pair of glasses give you? It’s not just about perfect lenses. The frame and its exact adaptation to […]

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  • | 30.04.2021

    Computer glasses, without diopters

    Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? In this situation, the eyes are the ones that suffer the most. How do you take care of your eye health? Your vision requires additional protection measures, and a practical solution is to wear a pair of glasses with Ultra Blue lenses, which […]

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  • | 24.04.2021

    How to get your eyeglasses in 4 simple steps

    The days of walking around the city are gone and trying different stores to find the perfect prescription glasses for a reasonable price but in vain. It’s 2021 now, and online shopping has never been more accessible or more affordable, even when it comes to prescription glasses. You went to the ophthalmologist and just discovered […]

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  • | 20.04.2021

    Love Reading, but Hate the Eye Strain? Here Are 5 Helpful Tips!

    Many people derive great joy from reading. They read during the morning commute, they read while waiting for someone, and they read right before bed. The only downside to excessive reading, as the avid reader will have you know, is eye strain. It doesn’t matter if you’re poring over a traditional paperback or scrolling down […]

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  • | 18.04.2021

    Protective eyewear for digital devices in 2021

    We live in a digital world: we learn, we relax, we work from morning to night with smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, in a word – digital devices – and we are more and more exposed to the light artificial blue that affects our eye health. What is blue light? The blue light shines on […]

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  • | 12.04.2021

    When is it time to replace your glasses?

    Do you experience headaches, dizziness, red eyes, blurred vision, tears, reading discomfort, or sensitivity to light? These can be signals that your eyes are no longer functioning at their maximum capacity, and you should have a specialist consultation immediately. Even if you are already wearing spectacles with diopters, it is necessary to go for a […]

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  • | 06.04.2021

    Tips for maintaining your eyeglasses

    Do you like to have your glasses as clean as a teardrop, which will give you an impeccable view? However, there are situations when you do not have the accessories you need (microfiber cloth or solutions for cleaning lenses) and resort to all sorts of options (not recommended), such as toilet paper, napkins, scarves, sleeves, […]

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