Tips for maintaining your eyeglasses

| 06.04.2021

Do you like to have your glasses as clean as a teardrop, which will give you an impeccable view?

However, there are situations when you do not have the accessories you need (microfiber cloth or solutions for cleaning lenses) and resort to all sorts of options (not recommended), such as toilet paper, napkins, scarves, sleeves, etc.

Whether we are talking about the lenses of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or special glasses for practicing various sports, you must know that they require adequate care for cleaning and keeping in the best possible conditions.

Cleaning glasses can be done in just two simple steps:

  •  – spray the cleaning solution on both sides of the lens,
  •  – Gently wipe both sides of the lens with a microfiber cloth to remove the cleaning solution’s traces.


If you are a wearer of glasses, you know very well that glasses need serious care, both of the lenses and the frames. Even if you have just joined the ranks of those who wear glasses or are a veteran in this community, there are some essential things you need to know about the proper maintenance of glasses.

Perhaps the most common mistake made by everyone in the maintenance of glasses is wiping the lenses “on land.” Over time, a lot of dust is deposited on the lenses, among other things. Another major mistake would be to wipe the lenses with paper towels, which also leads to scratching.

The recommended solutions for cleaning glasses are, first of all, the ones dedicated to this: sprays with a cleaning solution that degreases the lens and keeps dust and any oils away. Another handy solution is soap and water, which also decreases the lens well, or pure alcohol that also cleans the lenses very well.

The lenses of the glasses are permanently wiped with cotton cloths, which must be washed periodically. Synthetic cloths and paper towels should be avoided altogether, even if they are dedicated to wiping glasses.

Let’s not forget that the doctor also recommends not to listen to everything seen in trade or TV commercials!

There is no set time to clean your glasses or a standard cleaning time. The glasses must be cleaned whenever necessary, their cleaning depending very much on the environment in which you worked. If you work in environments with more dust, it will be required to clean the lenses more often, even a few times a day. It is recommended that as soon as you notice that the image is no longer clear or that various stains have been deposited on the lenses, you should clean your glasses, following the rules above.

The lenses of the glasses are changed, in most cases, for two reasons: 1. On the recommendation of the ophthalmologist; 2. Damage to the lenses (scratching, matting, etc.).

In the first case, the ophthalmologist recommends replacing the lenses because the glasses’ diopters no longer correspond to your needs.

And the frames can be changed according to everyone’s requirements: when the structure deteriorates or, in the case of children, when they grow up and need larger frames.

Cleaning glasses

Tips for maintaining glasses

  • – Wipe the glasses with solutions that do not contain alcohol, as it degrades and dulls the lenses. Even if you have napkins or different materials at hand, avoid using them because they produce micro-scratches on the lens’s surface.
  • – Do not clean the lenses with household products!
  • – Always remove eyeglasses with both hands. This way, you will avoid deforming the arms and hinges.
  • – Avoid wearing glasses on your head. This habit can lead to frame deformation but also to scratching the lenses.
  • – Do not enter the sea with your glasses. Saltwater damages materials and lenses.
  • – In summer, due to high temperatures, do not leave eyeglasses or sunglasses in the car. There is a risk that the lenses may exfoliate, and the frame may be damaged.
  • – Do not try to make adjustments to the glasses at home. Turn to professionals whenever you need to.
  • – For best results, use only microfiber cloths from lens manufacturers.
  • – Keep your glasses in a particular heel, in a microfiber cloth to avoid damage by shaking the heel.

Follow these suggestions, and your glasses will last over time!

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