Should you add a blue light filter to your glasses?

| 04.01.2021

Glasses with blue light filter: a lie?

The “anti-blue light” filter added to our glasses would not be as effective as opticians try to make-believe.

You have just bought a pair of glasses from your optician, and he suggested, for an additional fee, adding a blue light filter to protect your eyes. The magazine Que Choisir shows that this filter is not as effective as we think.

Blue light is found on our screens: smartphones, tablets, and computers, on which we spend many hours a day, all generations and professions … It has harmful effects on health. Recently, we told you about cosmetic products aimed at protecting the skin from the harmful effects of blue light. But it is also awful for the eyes, especially for the retina. 

You can quickly get glasses (with or without correction) from your optician, allowing this blue light to be filtered. The glasses of the glasses are equipped with a special filter.

An experiment demonstrates the use of filtered glasses

Opticians do a test with a laser supposed to diffuse blue light; when the Glass passes in front, the laser light no longer passes through. Two scientists from 123 colors contacted the editorial staff of What to choose to take the experiment apart.

It turns out that these famous lasers used by opticians do not match the blue light emitted by our screens, since they are purple. However, this purple light has no interest in being filtered because it is not or tiny present on our screens.

They then started the experiment again with the right laser emitting the natural blue light emitted by our screens. The result? Glass does not filter. The glasses would allow that to protect the eyes moderately, from 14% to 17%. The estimated dangerous time for the eyes in front of a screen is 1 hour; with these filtered glasses, it drops to 1 hour 10 minutes. Nothing incredible, then.

But some scientists still believe that the addition of a blue light filter to your glasses can be beneficial for you.

use of filtered glasses
Why wear glasses with a blue light filter

Why wear glasses with a blue light filter?

To deal with the blue light from the LED light, glasses with blue light filter lenses are the most recommended. Some of the advantages are:

  • Permanent protection

If you use digital displays frequently, blue light filter glasses protect you by reducing blue light exposure reaching your eyes. This will avoid some of the problems described above and enjoy better visual health.

  • Any graduation

The blue light filter can be applied to any graduation; monofocal, progressive, occupational lenses … it is a filter that will include your prescription glasses.

Equip your screens with blue light filters

The first possibility is to equip them with an anti-blue light filter to counter the blue light of screens. It is moreover a solution which is developing more and more. Also, for portable devices, the filter is adhesive, so you have to stick it directly to your screen. In short, these blue light filters are a simple and durable solution in terms of implementation. They generally protect your screen from everyday risks (scratches, breaks, etc.).

You will probably want to protect yourself from the blue-turquoise light in the evening, which stimulates wakefulness (to fall asleep well). But this is not necessarily the case at all times of the day. And the filter itself is usually not removable, which is a problem. On the other hand, and unfortunately again, it is often difficult to find clear explanations of a given filter’s precise functioning.

Anti Blue Light Screen Filter
Who should use them - video games

Who should use them?

Blue light filter glasses are suitable for people of all ages. Its use is especially recommended for office workers, students, or people who are regularly exposed to digital screens.

We recommend using it if:

  • You spend most of the day working in front of a digital screen.
  • You also dedicate a large part of your leisure time to using digital devices (mobile phones, tablets, tv)
  • You spend hours studying in front of the computer or other types of screens.
  • You spend a lot of time playing video games.
  • You spend many hours watching television.

And don't forget the little ones!

Children also spend many hours in front of the television and the tablet. Again, currently, the use of digital screens begins at an earlier age and in an excessive way on certain occasions; therefore, you must also protect your eyes.

Think that their exposure will have been more generous in advanced ages, so we must protect them from an early age.

Get your new lenses with a selective blue light filter at Muunel and protect your eyes.

Children also spend many hours in front of the television

In conclusion

As a real bodyguard for our eyes, anti-blue light glasses are rising. And that’s good. But faced with the increase of blue light in our daily lives, they are not the only acceptable solution that you can implement. 

However, and to keep things in context, do not take from this article that you must avoid blue light in all its forms at all costs. It can sometimes be beneficial! To fully understand, I refer you to our article explaining what blue light is harmful and when for your eyes and your sleep.

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