Protective eyewear for digital devices in 2021

| 18.04.2021

We live in a digital world: we learn, we relax, we work from morning to night with smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions, in a word – digital devices – and we are more and more exposed to the light artificial blue that affects our eye health.

What is blue light?

The blue light shines on us not only from natural sources but mainly from electronic devices such as smartphones, monitors, tablets, or televisions. Of course, there is a difference if you look at the monitor for an hour or a whole day at work because watching TV or working on electronic devices for short intervals does not have a measurable impact on vision.

In the absence of a particular filter, when the time spent in front of digital devices is significant, the eyes are subjected to stressors, which, over time, can cause refractive errors or eye conditions.

Blue light is a harmful light that comes in contact with the eyes whenever you look at an artificial light source.

Symptoms when you realize you need goggles:

  • Foreign body sensation in the eyes (sand in the eyes);
  • Blurry vision;
  • The time spent in front of digital screens causes you headaches and low concentration; The eyes become red and dry as a result of concentrating on the screen;

What types of computer eyeglasses are there?

We can divide computer goggles into two major categories:

  • Glasses for correcting a refractive error (glasses with diopters)
  • Glasses without diopters

Therefore, lenses that filter blue light can become a plus for those who need glasses to correct refractive errors, but they can also be a “protective way” for those who don’t need glasses.

Blue light and computer glasses with a filter against it

The glasses with blue light filters have special lenses that help block the visible blue light (HEV) emitted by digital screens. These glasses monitor UV and blue-purple filters, thus reducing the screen’s brightness and preventing its harmful effect on the eye. They preserve the eye’s overall well-being, allowing the passage of essential turquoise blue light (Good Blue Light) and reducing visual fatigue.

Whether we are talking about gaming or computer glasses, now you can find various models with a more discreet or more intense protection factor for adults or children. There are glasses with BLPF (Blue Light Protection Factor) from 35 to 98, the strongest. See some offers of eyewear!

You can choose computer goggles with frames in various colors, for men or women, and the price is affordable. There are also suitable models for those who have diopters. And yes, you can choose the model that suits you, they are light and comfortable.

The benefits of wearing a pair of computer glasses:

  • protects and improves vision;
  • relieves eye fatigue;
  • blocks blue light;
  • prevent dry eyes;
  • increase the contrast.

Anyone can use computer glasses, both those who need vision correction and those who want to protect their eyes.

How to reduce the effect of blue light


  • Limit the use of digital screens when you are not working;
  • Use a particular application that reduces harmful blue light if you use the device at night;
  • Blink constantly to prevent dry eye syndrome;
  • Perform eye exams at regular intervals;
  • Wear computer goggles with a blue light filter – ensures high eye comfort when using digital devices for long periods.
How to reduce the effect of blue light
Optometrist's tips to get rid of the fatigue caused by digital screens

Optometrist's tips to get rid of the fatigue caused by digital screens


  • Adjust the light in the room where you work to reduce the contrast with the screen and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Try to stay 60 cm away from the computer screen.
  • Once every 20 minutes, move your eyes from the computer to a distant object. Then, try keeping your eyes on it for at least 20 seconds.
  • Once an hour, try to pause for 10 minutes from any digital screen.
  • Use a pair of goggles with digital filter protection.


It is important to remember that the effect accumulated over time is dangerous.

Those measures must be taken by everybody that uses digital devices daily.

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