How to Pop Lenses Out of Glasses Without Breaking Them

| 15.11.2020

When you have no other choice but to remove the lenses from the frames of your glasses yourself, there is always the chance of damaging them.

But what if we told you that with some care and diligence, you can avoid that and remove your lenses unscathed. 

To remove lenses safely from frames, it is necessary to know what kind of lenses and frames you are dealing with. If due diligence is not given, lenses may get damaged and may not fit the new frame you want to fit them in. Let us get started.


How to Remove Lenses from Glasses?

First and foremost you need to figure out the material of the frames which is usually either plastic or metal. The procedure of removing lenses from either of them is different.


How to Take Lenses out of Glasses with Metal Frames

Metal frames have nicely fitted lenses into their frames. These can not be removed manually without damaging the lens. That is why there are screws present in them to help you with the process.

  • First of all, you need to find these screws. These screws are usually near the nose bridge. They may also be present at the bottom rim on the outside. You may also check online to find the screws, if you do not you can go with a normal procedure for plastic frames.
  • Once you have located the screws, find a suitable screwdriver, either a flathead or Phillips drive screw.
  • Now fix the frame in one hand, and turn the screws in an anti-clockwise direction as they come out completely. Be sure to do this over a cloth where you can easily collect the screws and then store them somewhere safe to be used later.
  • Now put one hand on the nasal side of the frames, and use the thumb and fingers of your other hand to pull out the frames. Be sure to use any piece of cloth so that you do not get fingerprints on the lens.


How to Take Lenses out of Glasses with Plastic Frames

It is definitely much easier to remove lenses from plastic frames because lenses are not fitted as tightly in them as in metal frames. 

  • Many plastic lenses will come out easily as you push through your thumb from the inner side and fix your fingers on the other side.
  • If they do not come off, you would have to heat the plastic a little bit so that it expands and allows the lenses to come out. 
  • To heat the plastic, you can immerse the glasses in a bowl of hot water. The water should be hot, not warm but of course only as much as you can handle amicably. Be careful to not drop your lenses in the bowl. Dry them with a no microfiber cloth and then you can remove them. Be careful to not use any towels because those can damage any blue light or Anti Reflective covering.
  • The alternative to this is using a blow dryer to heat your plastic frames. Be sure to keep your blow dryer at least 15-20 centimeters away from your frames. Also, keep the setting at medium and not on high heat as that can damage the lenses. Move the dryer around so that you can uniformly heat all sides. Now you can remove the glasses as you would for other methods. You can repeat the blow drying method if it is still difficult for you.
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Final Thoughts

In this article, we tried to answer how to pop lenses out of glasses without breaking them. What is important in this regard is to be careful of the material of the frame because that can determine how easy or difficult the whole process can be.

Also, things like using a microfiber cloth instead of an ordinary towel and keeping the blow dryer at a safe distance at medium heat are other things that are vital to remember while removing lenses from your glasses.

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