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| 17.05.2021

Vision problems are pretty common these days and can occur due to numerous factors. The foods you eat have a significant effect on eye health, which means that some foods have the power to restore your eyesight. Choose a plant-based diet to get all the vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids you need. Restoring and maintaining a healthy vision is a challenge, and a healthy diet is key to your problems. Consider adding beneficial herbs and natural remedies to heal your eyes and restore your vision.

These habits will help you to improve your NATURAL vision when applied consistently. This article will learn three essential but straightforward habits that will help you get a relaxed and clear view.

Most of these habits are performed reflexively by those who have a clear vision without being aware of them.

In people with impaired vision, this is a consequence because they have not acquired habits or small daily activities to maintain their eye health and are not even aware of this.

┬áSo, until you get to practice them, it is necessary to repeat them consciously, daily, until you incorporate them into your subconscious – then you will practice them without being aware of them.

What are these three vision-enhancing habits?

Before we introduce them to you, it is necessary to know the following: all these habits have the same purpose – to release fatigue from your eyes and your body.

So, the three habits to improve your eyesight are:

Most of these habits are performed reflexively by those who have a clear vision without being aware of them.

Habit 1: "Blink consciously every 5 minutes."

Blink consciously ten times every 5 minutes. This exercise is the first habit that will help you naturally improve your eyesight.

Every time you blink, blink slowly, without any haste, and notice how tension is a release from the muscles of your eyelids and eyes.

Once the tension in the eye muscles is released, your eyes will be more rested.

This way, they will be able to focus more accessible and faster, and the image you will view will be much more precise.

When you blink, the eyelids’ muscles stimulate the tear glands, and at some point, you will tear, which is very good and healthy for your eyes. The tear fluid will moisten your eyes and clean them of the dust accumulated during the day.

Also, tears are essential in improving vision; if you have dry eyes, they will regulate tear secretions, and your eyes’ dryness will disappear.

Blinking is an essential step to improve your eyesight, and I recommend that you always apply it, especially when working on a computer.

Habit 2: "Expose yourself to sunlight."

Expose yourself to the sun every day for 10-15 minutes. This exercise will, first of all, help you to have more energy that day.

Once exposed to the sun, your body will synthesize vitamin D, and this vitamin is also called the pillar of health.

With vitamin D, the vitamins and minerals your eyes need are absorbed and fixed much better by your body!

This way, you will have well-nourished, energized, and much healthier eyes. Also, it will help you eliminate the sensitivity to intense light, be it sunlight or an artificial light source.

To fully benefit from the benefits of exposure to sunlight, I recommend that you expose yourself daily for at least 5 minutes, starting with your eyes closed, especially at sunrise and sunset.

In summer, when you feel you need sunglasses, use them only between 12-17, when the sunlight is at maximum intensity; and in reflective environments (snow or sand) or when driving, and it is strictly necessary.

Habit 3: "Move your body and eyes."


A study conducted at Columbia University found that daily sports activities help improve vision.

Moreover, the study reveals that you do not have to be a performance athlete, but performing 10-15 minutes of intense exercise is enough to release tension from the eye muscles.

This study shows that daily body movement for a minimum of 10 minutes a day reduces eye strain by 20%, improving vision.

Thus, the risk of vision problems occurring is 20% lower. In this way, the chances of more serious eye problems, such as glaucoma, are almost zero.

We recommend that you perform, at least two times a week, a series of exercises that involve the movement of your whole body – as well as your hands, shoulders, and neck for at least 5 minutes. This exercise frees the tension in your body.

This tension influences the state of your vision, preventing you from moving your neck quickly and naturally, but especially your eyes.

So, to improve your vision, move your eyes when you look, both vertically and horizontally, no matter what activity you have.

The movements should be slow, smooth, and natural to release the eye muscles’ tension and increase your eyes’ mobility.

Patience and perseverance are essential.

Vision problems do not only appear overnight and can be solved overnight. But if you are patient enough, you can solve it in time. Eat healthy foods and change your negative habits such as frequent computer use without computer goggles and eye relaxation exercises.

Sight is the most important of the five senses because it represents the environment’s visual connection.

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