What are the best prescription cycling glasses?

Cycling has always been considered one of the most complete full-body exercises. This single activity involves all the big and small muscle groups of your body as well as your brain, heart, and lungs working in perfect synchrony.


Whether you do cycling as a hobby, profession, or fitness, having the proper gear for the activity is a must. 


It involves moving at high speeds on a machine completely reliant on balance, so it goes without saying that proper equipment is one of the basic necessities for accomplishing this task.


prescription cycling glasses


In all of this gear, the component that matters the most is your cycling glasses. Cycling glasses prevent fast winds, bugs, specks of dirt, and tiny particles from getting into your eyes and obscuring your vision.


Cycling glasses can be broadly classified into two categories: prescription cycling glasses and non-prescription cycling glasses.


If you use vision-correction glasses, then you will require prescription cycling glasses. You will require your doctor to write you a prescription which you will take to your glasses guy and he will make special glasses for you with vision correction built-in into them.


What are the best prescription cycling glasses?

The points you should keep in mind when going to buy prescription cycling glasses are that it should be comfortable to wear for long durations of time, it should have properly tailored vision correction built-in into them and that they should fit you properly around the eyes, nose and your temple.


Proper fitting of the cycling glasses is one of the most essential points when it comes to professional cycling. When you go for a speed burst and your head is down, swaying from side to side, proper fitting of the glasses is of the utmost importance so that they don’t fall off.


That being said, they should not be too tight so as to make you uncomfortable wearing them and making you think about your equipment too much and taking your concentration away from the competition.


The next important point is the lenses that are used in these glasses. There are a variety of features to keep in mind here.


The first kind of lens we will talk about here is the standard shaded lens that will provide 100% UV protection. It is not only bothersome to ride a bicycle in dazzling sunlight but it can also cause a lot of ocular damage.


The UV rays coming from the sun contain a special light in the visible region of the visual spectrum called the blue light that has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. Therefore, this light is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of our eyes and damage our retinas.


These prescription cycling sunglasses will definitely improve your cycling experience, especially when they have an anti-glare feature in them.


Another type of lens is the one that comes with a yellow tinge. These lenses are made for brightening up your vision so as to make it easier for you to see in overcast conditions.


One variety of lenses is the clear type that comes in handy during night times.


Apart from all of these, an important point you should keep in mind while purchasing your prescription bike glasses is to know what kind of climate you live in. 


If you live in areas where it is constantly raining or there is a lot of snowfall, you should adjust your equipment needs accordingly.


Many companies now provide waterproof cycling glasses to make it easier for cyclists in rainy climates. These modern prescription cycling glasses come with a hydrophobic lens feature that makes all the raindrops fall off your glasses instantly so that you can have crystal clear vision at all times.


Another point to keep in mind here is the mist factor. Many cycling glasses manufacturers provide a mist relieving mechanism inside their glasses so that you do not have to face any kind of blurry vision.



The best prescription cycling glasses are the ones that are comfortable, have a proper fitting, and have specific lenses tailored to your exact needs.