What is the Average Price for a pair of Prescription Glasses? 

If you have any vision disturbance, a pair of prescription glasses is an integral part of your life. They offer you improved vision while protecting your vision from deteriorating further. 


However, the problem arises when you have to buy one and you get confused. There are so many brands out there with so many features and such diverse prices, you are always confused about which one to choose.


That is why it is crucial to know What is the Average Price for a pair of Prescription Glasses and what particular features can result in a price hike. Let us get started

what is the average price for a pair of prescription glasses

How much do Prescription Glasses cost on Average?


The price of Prescription Glasses can vary a lot with rates starting from about $10 and going up to about $1000. The average cost of Prescription Glasses though in the United States is about $562, a cost derived by adding up the average costs of an eye exam, lenses, and frames.


That being said, it is just a rough estimate and the fact is you could definitely get a cheaper deal by varying the three elements driving your price. So the actual range of a good pair of prescription Glasses may vary from $325 to $595 by including the eye exam in it as well as the lenses and frames.


Let us look at the factors affecting this price




There are a variety of frames available that can change the price. In general though plastic and metal are the widely used ones. The national average of money spent on frames is about $242.


Metal frames are tougher but do cost substantially more than plastic frames that can be great if you want something more affordable. Frame price is also influenced by the popularity of a certain style over another due to a celebrity wearing it.


2.Prescription Lenses


The major dent to your savings occurs in buying prescription lenses. There are lenses for a variety of conditions and with a variety of added features that can hike up their price. 


So how much do prescription lenses cost? Well, the prescription lenses cost may vary from $50 to $1000 but the national average is about $114.


Things like UV protection, tinted glasses, or scratch-resistant or anti-glare features are known to increase the price of lenses.


If you are in front of screens a lot you may want to check out blue light protection lenses for protection from harmful high energy blue light that can cause considerable strain to your eyes.


Another detail that can cost a little extra is getting a progressive lens. These are made to be suitable for every visual error. They eliminate the need for two different glasses for reading and regular activities. 


Usually, the bottom part of the lens is better for reading and the middle is used mostly for regular vision.


For a progressive lens price comparison with normal lenses, they are a bit more expensive and can range from about $175 to $250 depending on various factors.


3.Eye Exam


To get a pair of prescription glasses you need a prescription from an expert (duh!). This again can be a liability and can set you back by about $206 if the national average is considered.


An eye exam is necessary to diagnose any underlying visual disease and document your visual status to see any deterioration in the future. 


Sometimes you may have a rare visual error that needs special care and customized glasses. That is where a good ophthalmologist comes in handy.



The prices of Prescription Glasses is a sum of the costs of the frames, the lenses, and the eye exam. 


You may want to spend a little on these since a good pair of prescription glasses can last you a significant amount of time. Looking from a pair of glasses designed specifically for you can give you a new sight.